[gg] home is wherever I'm with you

pour a little salt, we were never here.

I've been such a little hermit this entire summer, and I had such grand plans to travel everywhere and do everything, which obviously got derailed by my freakish ability to injure myself. Instead I have been hiding inside watching twenty million movies and attempting to read ridiculous Nora Roberts novels, I don't even know.

I finally finished my Shedir last night, which coincides nicely with the end of my netflix DVDs, so I can get back to actually reading books and writing things, which sounds ideal. Not that I really have any free time before school starts, considering I work the next six days, then go to San Fran, then come back and work, and then SCHOOL.

I keep having bizarre nightmareish dreams in which work does not give me my school schedule and/or I am making out with my boss, I don't even know. The sheer number of bizarre sex dreams I have had this year is out of control.

I am feeling considerably less stressed though due to the combined efforts of a massage, increased exercise (I miss the gym right now since I haven't been in three days because of uterine lining shedding which makes me curl up into a little non moving thing for days) and a hilarious sunburn from going on a hike with my infant man friend (I don't even know how I have so many young man suitors/friends, it is hilarious to me. At least they're all legal? Also where are the decent guys my age? I am trying to be all dating optimist about this business and just focus on making myself the best me I can be, but seriously, I miss having sex.) I've also decided to drop a class so I'm only taking nine credits, I have been stressing too much about it. Ugh. Probably going to put most of my emergency savings into my Roth too before the end of the year since retirement savings don't count against the FAFSA (bizarre, tbh, but tax loopholes ftw). IDK. I need to talk to some academic advisers and see how much of my first degree will transfer, because if it doesn't count then I need to do more credits at el community college where I'm at now before I can transfer which puts it off for another term at least. I don't know why I have to make everything so complicated by doing things backwards and not in the normal way. OH WELL.

I am glad this is a lj entry and not an essay because I've started every paragraph with I, WHOOPS. kaitoujeanne would have fits if she had to edit this entry, lol. Also you get a prize if you read all this shiz. WHAT PRIZE? That I do not know.

Seriously, what the hell is this entry, you guys (and by guys I mean ladies 'cause 98% of you are ladies.)
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[gg] everyday I'm hustlin'

For now I'm at my house on the couch watching cartoons

Aww, I officially own my new old grandma car now, it is a triumphant moment in my (not-so) young life. My first car with my name on the title, it is a grownup moment. My beloved bb Volvo is getting sold at some point, probably for parts and I will be forever sad when I see another Volvo driving around.

I have started my official stick it to netflix pre-cancellation party wherein I watch as much streaming content as humanly possible before cancelling my account because I shouldn't have to pay 16 dollars a month for one disc and unlimited streaming, when less than a year ago I was paying less than that for 3 discs and unlimited streaming.

Eff that, I'm going to Redbox. (and free Hulu, and the library.)

But until then, I have been watching Skins, and it is utterly delightful (except for the part where I'm afraid someone will overhear it and think I am watching porn) but I'm also skeptical of watching beyond series two because of things I have heard (i.e. shit I read on wikipedia.)

I will probably give series three a go because it's on instant watch and Effy is my favorite other than Cassie (Jal is a close third). Also I have netflix bandwidth to use.

Game of Thrones is also occupying a fair amount of my time, although I am on episode seven and apparently my favorite Loras does not show up again? IDK what I think about that. I should just finish the season but apparently sticking it to netflix takes precedence over all else.

Someday I will post about a) real things, and b) in more depth. This is probably also in the mythical someday wherein it does not take me three days to write an entry.

ALSO I CUT MY HAIR PRETTY MUCH LIKE RITZY BRYAN AND I'M A LITTLE BIT IN LOVE WITH IT. Less blonde though, but more blonde than I was. Haha, maybe I'll get off my butt and document it via photographs, unlike the seventy two million other times I have had bangs.
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[gg] everywhere we are

and I told you to be patient, and I told you to be kind.

"So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will fight without danger in battles.

If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose.

If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.”

-Sun Tzu

Stressed beyond belief right now even though I am doing everything I can to be less of a stressball and thus should be less of one. I really just need to relax and trust myself and the universe to get everything taken care of. Eat Pray Love was kind of adorably informative about how to love myself (lol) and I am just struggling to regain my equilibrium right now.

I am so stressed however, that I'm probably just going to end up impulsively getting the tattoo that I've been thinking about for years or doing something else relatively reckless.

Also I need to stop injuring myself in weird and mysterious ways.

This (four day) weekend was mostly good though, I do not want to go back to work. But somehow I have to earn the big bucks in order to put myself through school so I can not work at this horrendous high school experience that I never had. It's making me want to read all of the Art of War just so I am better equipped to deal with it, since staying positive while not getting walked all over has recently been failing me.

Also Russian spammers, can you stop leaving spam on my journals? KTHXBAI.
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[gg] your brother's latest craze

and then who the hell was I?

Friday night and I am watching Beer Wars and online shopping. My life is so exciting tbh. I would've gone out but I a) have to work tomorrow (THANKS ASS.MAN. for scheduling me to work on my day off and really late to boot when I have to work really early the next day. The other ASS. MAN. would never do this to me, and I'm not saying that because I have an inappropriate crush on him either.) and b) after not having a period for nine weeks I always forget how much it sucks balls.

I had to go to Target to get supplies for the demon period from hell and made the mistake of going to Old Navy to try on shorts. Why do I always decide when I'm perma-bloated is an excellent time to go shopping for articles of clothing other than pajama pants? Also I don't know why I am shopping so much when I'm going to Portland next weekend. J Crew factory outlet will take my entire paycheck if Urban Outfitters and the sale section of Anthropologie doesn't get to it first.

I have had Skinny Love on perm repeat since last night too, what am I coming to? If I stop washing myself, send out an alert that I have become a hipster from 2008, k thanks.

Awkward party times last night. I smoked hookah for the first time (interesting but not really something I'm going to get obsessed over/seek out) and while I am glad it is warm enough to have parties outside now, it always makes for interesting parties where half the people are inside and half are outside. IDK. I'm glad adorable C and I ended up randomly jaunting to the park across the street and climbing the random dinosaur statue and then mentally matchmaking homeless people.

I am so close to some important goals that I can taste it. Really ready to triumphantly march into adulthood with all (okay, uh, most) of my shiz together. I feel like I'm making progress on all my new year's goals except the writing more (THIS SUMMER, YO.) so I'm pleasantly surprised. I did not think any of them were going to happen if you asked me in March, tbh.

Now if I could just finish Eat Pray Love already, hahahahahahahaha. Also finish Game of Thrones which bond_girl has been pimping to me like it's her full time job. And stop looking at pictures of Ritzy Byran before I decide to cut my hair like that (I really do not need to be that blonde or have hair that choppy.)
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[gg] everyday I'm hustlin'

Can I fall awake now?

I had a dream last night that I dressed up as Brittany from Glee for Halloween. This is hilarious and ridiculous because a) every Halloween I get mistaken for Brittany Spears (Brittany S. Pearce!)
b) I had a dream last month about how upset I was because my friend Sam dressed up like a lolita cat for Halloween, and I was a Wizard, but I only had wizard pants and not a wizard hat and I was very distressed about it in my dream because it was a half-assed Halloween costume and I don't do those. (False, I never used to do those, but then my mother stopped making my costumes for me and now I seem to run out of time for executing awesome costumes.)

Anyway, while dressed up as Brittany S. Pearce, I met a basketball player named Tim who was running a bake sale to raise money for his basketball team. Their baked goods were hilarious and covered in frosting higher than the actual baked goods themselves.

Then I'm pretty sure Tim and I made out on a cloud.

Pretty much most hilarious dream ever, thus livejournal documentation and fervent prayers that the dream will happen again tonight.

Whatever, it is superior to everything that is happening on all of my tv shows right now. (except Parks and Rec, Lil Sebastian and the Ben/Leslie show= A+.) Also it is definitely superior to my real life right now which is "ow my back hurts, how much calculus homework can I do before my neck hurts too bad, work work work work work work work work work CHICKEN ALL THE TIME AT WORK, allergies, I miss sleep, let's get drunk and/or see movies with my friends instead of sleep, oh yeah migraines" etc. etc. Not bad, but I could be accomplishing actual things. Must work on that.
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