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Cinderella through the room

I'm the best slow dancer in the universe

hobbits can't swim, kati.
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"Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life." -Jack Kerouac, On The Road.

Career plan C: "Move to California and become a rock star. (kidding about rock star part.) Take up Spanish, surfing, and sangria. Live in cardboard box. Eventually finish writing novel(s) while searching for a place to shower."

fic is @ oceansbetweenus, formerly @ lingeringday.

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95 pounds of girly-evil, a delicate proposal, blair motherfugging waldorf, blue-eyed boys, boarding school bitches, british indie rock bands, captain oats/princess sparkle, caught your fancy eye, decaf english breakfast tea, drinking and dancing, finished manuscripts, giant sunglasses, gossip girl bar names, hidden secrets, i've always wanted this, jangly jewelry, jeux d'enfants, kamikazes on the rocks, lacking my joie-de-vivre, locks and keys, mischa barton's shiny hair, mocking jim with jeanne, montmartre by night, more than that, nostalgia and burnt toast, noteworthy kisses, old school zelda, once and future rulers, paint and possibilities, paris by day, partial to life without, past remembrances, sideparts and alice bands, somewhere off the map, things that linger, this is no bridgetjones, topshop, train tracks, traveling the world, van der woodsens, vegan pearls, watching the stars, words-that-end-in-ous